Why i-Arbor?

Dedication:  i-Arbor is a professional practice of arboriculture utilizing a scientific and artful approach to operating on trees.  Tree aesthetics are just as important as health and client safety.

Community:  i-Arbor lives, operates and hires within the South Whidbey community supporting local businesses and service providers everyday.

Education and Training:  i-Arbor maintains up to date certifications from the International Society of Arboriculture to stay current in tree health care and operational safety.

Canopy Access and Skill-work:  i-Arbor specializes in High-angle rope access for the most effective and least destructive tree work procedures when pruning.  Practical rigging techniques are utilized for low impact removal and felling scenarios.

Safety and Responsibility:  i-Arbor utilizes the safest work practices and the best insurance coverages in the industry; keeping YOU protected is our goal!